A blast from the past is what's placing Kanye West in the headlines today. The 'Blood on the Leaves' creator once filmed a pilot for an HBO comedy in 2008, but since the effort never made it to TV, all was forgotten. Until now.

Thanks to Gawker, a scene from the project is available for all to see. The sarcastic humor in the clip is quite similar to other comedies like 'The Office' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' but Kanye isn't exactly a grade A actor nor does he offer much to laugh at here. So it's no surprise that the show never aired.

However, there are some pretty funny bits in the 4-minute, 22-second video that makes it worth watching.

Actress Alison Quinn plays a Make-A-Wish Foundation coordinator who is overly excited to not only have the wonderful pleasure of meeting West, but also introducing him to a young boy who may die unless he gets a heart transplant.

Yeezus enters the scene wearing a fully zipped-up OG BAPE shark hoodie and cannot see the boy sitting right in front of him. Then his phone rings.

"I'm with the Make-A-Wish kid," Kanye says to the caller. "Is he even here?" the rapper asks Allison.

"Yes. He is right in front of you," she responds to the bewildered Ye.

Eventually we come to find out the boy isn't even a fan of the entertainer and prefers Lil Wayne anyways.

Check out the video and tell us if you think this would've made a good HBO comedy.