Kandi Burruss isn't ready to let bygones be bygones for the sake of So So Def's 20th anniversary.

On Saturday (Feb. 23), Jermaine Dupri will host a mega-concert in Atlanta to celebrate his imprint's 20th birthday. Every artist that has built a name for themselves through So So Def and JD has been invited to perform. From Da Brat and Kris Kross to newcomers Dondria and Fresco Kane, there's a place for everyone. Even Mariah Carey is rumored to make a special appearance.

Lauded girl group Xscape is also on the bill. The foursome rose to fame under the tutelage of Dupri in the 1990s, but had some internal drama that still hasn't been resolved and until it is, former group member Kandi says she won't be rushing to perform with the rest of the girls anytime soon.

According to Rolling Out, the singer-songwriter visited Atlanta's V103 on Wednesday and explained why she won't be making an appearance at the concert on Saturday. When Big Tigger asked her reasoning behind making that decision, Burruss replied, “I don’t think it’s just an issue with me and Tocha [Scott], it’s the whole group.”

“I don’t really wanna have that conversation right now," she continued. "I don’t wanna feel like, ‘Oh, we’re talking because you want me to do something this week.’ Like, if you really wanna fix the situation or have a real conversation then OK.”

Before Burruss sat with Tigga, Tocha Scott met with Egypt Sherrod (also of V103) and expressed her confusion at Kandi's refusal to perform with the group.

“The only unfinished business I can think of is the fact that we didn’t go onto the other albums that we were supposed to do. Other than that, I don’t understand where the unfinished business comes in at,” said Scott.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about. I think we owe it to the fans, to the people. They put us all here," she adds. "This whole 20-year reunion is big for me, but to say you’re not going to do it because you feel like we have unfinished business is … I don’t want to say it’s insulting to the fans, but it’s like come on, it’s not even about that. Let’s get out of self and let’s think about what we did for music.”

Besides simply not wanting to reunite, Burruss says that she has a prior speaking engagement at a college in Baton Rouge and "will not be running back."

"I’m sorry," she told Tigga. "They don’t need me for the show, they’ve done the show without me before.”

The So So Def 20th Anniversary concert is set to go on, with or without Kandi, on Saturday at Atlanta's Fox Theater.

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