Going with a song from a former 'American Idol' contestant is not a bad idea, but it didn't turn out too well for Kamaria Ousley.

Clearly singing Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All' was a bad choice for Kamaria. Just ask Nicki Minaj. "What I never noticed until tonight was this throaty, twingy thing that you were doing," the wig-wearing emcee stated. "The last time I remember you singing in group round I didn't hear that. So I don't know if you put that on this for this song; I don't know if it was supposed to be a little swag on it, but it didn't work, babe."

In this competition, you have to know what works for you, and Kamaria dropped the ball this round. Unfortunately it cost her because she was eliminated.

The night wasn't all bad for her though, as Mariah Carey was feeling her outfit. "I don't feel it was the right song choice for you, and I've seen you do better," the 'Almost Home' singer shared. "But you know, keep going on and do what you do. I do love the ensemble, particularly the shoes."

If singing doesn't work out, Kamaria can always try her hand at styling.

Watch Kamaria Ousley Sing Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All' on 'American Idol'

Kamaria Ousley, Semi-finals ~ American Idol 2013 by HumanSlinky