John Legend and Rick Ross know how to cash in on their chemistry with every collaborative effort between them.

The soulful 'Who Do We Think We Are,' is the duo's next win.

On Tuesday (April 9), Legend dropped the trailer for the song's upcoming video. In the 15-second cut, we see the singer-songwriter and his friends all dressed to the nines, lounging around in an ornate parlor. Then it fades to a shot of John belting out the lyrics and the date of release flashes across the screen, "4.17."

Definitely looks interesting. The R&B crooner is known to hold things down on the vocal side of things but we can't wait to see what he and Ross do with this one.

John Legend's fourth studio album 'Love in the Future' is slated to arrive on June 25.

Watch John Legend's 'Who Do We Think We Are' Trailer

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