In the weeks leading up to the music video, the Internet saw John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen's bare nipple during the video shoot and Legend's bare bottom for a Funny or Die skit. The 'All of Me' video was slightly more SFW than the former.

This black-and-white visual steers away from the nudity and sensual interactions of the singer's clip for 'Made to Love.' This NABIL-directed video focuses on Legend and Teigen's honeymoon in Italy. Legend admires Teigen from afar through a window screen, showers with her and physically embraces her.

There's also less sensual imagery here too, like Legend playing his piano and eating a cantaloupe.

At its core, 'All of Me' is a tribute from a man to his wife. The video ends with footage from the couple's wedding ceremony.

Legend's latest album -- 'Love in the Future' -- debuted at No. 4 on the the Billboard charts with 68,000 copies sold.