It’s hard to imagine that Jae Millz has been in the game for over eight years at this point, but he shows no signs of slowing down with his latest mixtape, 'R.O.T.S.'

Standing for ‘Reality of My Situation,' the Young Money rapper does not disappoint as he tries to bring real New York rap back to the masses with the 19–-track project.

His third mixtape of the year starts off with him speaking his mind,  trying to prove to anyone willing to listen that he is better than most of the people getting shine at the moment.

Although solid, the overall theme of the mixtape seems a little dated. If Jae Millz has experienced growth as an MC, it's hard to grasp with this project, considering it sounds like it was made in 2005, with its production and subject matter.

‘Earth, Wind & Fire,’ ‘Baking Soda’ and ‘Slow Flow’ brings a nice laid-back flavor to his signature New York style, while tracks like ‘Real As It Come,’ ‘Rowdy’ and ‘ ‘Totally ILL’ bring great energy.

‘Real As It Come,’ which is possibly the best track on the mixtape, keeps that New York sound with some mainstream flavor as he samples Nelly Furtado’s voice in Timbaland’s hit single ‘Give It to Me.’

“Right about now the city needs Millz," the rapper exclaims on the track, which recalls other rappers such as Papoose and Uncle Murda, who spend a lot of their energy trying to bring the boom bap back to New York City.

Looking to change it up, the rapper slows it down with ‘Fell in Love With Dyckman.’ The song features both Vado and Makarel, and is an ode to the beautiful women and environment in the heavily Hispanic populated area in Manhattan. "She cook a good meal, she roll a blunt, switch languages when we f---," he raps as he expresses his feelings.

‘Sammy Davis Jr.’ is a track that is cut out of Rick Ross’ signature style, as Jae shows off his achievements. "My grind, yes I stay on that / I’m trying to get this money til’ the day I die, how can n----s hate on that," he spits as he shows off and talks about his money and women.

Overall, ‘R.O.T.S.’ is a solid project from Jae Millz. Although you can’t find any hit songs from the mixtape, it does prove that the rhymer still has some skills, and still reps for New York City.



Listen to Jae Millz's 'R.O.T.S.' Mixtape

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