He's one of hip-hop's most frustrating figures. Jay Electronica celebrates his 41st birthday today (Sept. 19).

Erykah Badu, his ex-girlfriend, was right in wondering if Electronica would ever release an album. The New Orleans native started getting attention back in the 2000s from grandiose statement pieces instead of traditional singles.

There was Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), which featured Electronica rhyming over the soundtrack to the film  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Then there was "Exhibit C," a hookless banger injected with compelling autobiographical bits and myth-building lyricism. Finally, the mixtape, What The F--- Is a Jay Electronica?, proved that he has a lot left in him with his dense, sometimes esoteric rhyming style.

Other than a few loose releases and surprise guest appearances, including on Common's "Kingdom" remix, Electronica has largely stayed away from the spotlight. It's been years since the announcement that he would eventually drop his debut project.

It looked like that album was coming at some point last year after his energetic performance at the 2014 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Electronica then made news after throwing shots at Drake and J. Cole in addition to proclaiming that he is the "God of Hip-Hop."

Back in August, Jay Elect teamed with MF Doom for "True Lightyears” with off of DOOM’s singles series with Adult Swim called Missing Book of Rhymes.

Jay Electronica continues to generate buzz whenever he releases anything. His dedicated fans are still waiting for his official return to the rap game.

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