Ivan Ives' lyrics and concepts on 'Higher' are sometimes hard to grasp because of its abstract, stream of consciousness style. So perhaps a music video may help clarify things, right? Nope. The animated music video to 'Higher' is perhaps even more abstract than the song.

Recurring images include a brightly colored human skull, an astronaut with an abnormally-shaped head and the constant presence of stars.

The ambient, reverberating instrumentals only adds to the psychedelic feel of the experience. Whether the visual somehow refers to the meaning of existence (Ivan Ives does rap "You inspire me to reach as high, the furthest point I could find / The desire divine, spun into gold, the meaning of existence not yet defined by time") or if it's just a collage of cool images designed to trip you out is for the viewer to decide.

The video coincides with the release of 'Stranger,' Ives' 11-track follow-up to his 2010 effort, 'First of the Month.' It looks like the album is going to be just as thought-provoking as 'Higher' with the time that he's put into it.

“As an artist, I feel like it's all the stuff I've been wanting to say for years ... whereas before I was releasing something once or twice a year on average (whether it be album, mixtape, ep) -- I really took my time with this one," he says. "I recorded more than I needed and took tracks off the album until I felt I couldn't take anymore off, and I was left with 'Stranger.'"

'Stranger' is currently available on iTunes.