There's no denying that House of Pain's 1992 hit 'Jump Around' is an automatic party starter. Taco Bell obviously thinks so too. The Tex-Mex fast-food chain chose the song as the soundtrack for its Super Bowl commercial teaser.

In the teaser clip, working off the "Live Mas" theme, a grandpa seems to be enjoying a leisurely ride on a mobility scooter. But once House of Pain's signature horns are heard, the 87-year old man goes on a high-speed adventure through a football field.

He rapidly accelerates during his joyride with no fear of falling off his vehicle. However, a nasty fall follows but doesn't deter him -- he brushes his shoulders off to do it all over again. The grey-haired thrill seeker then does some donuts on the green, crashes into water coolers and gets chased by security. This is definitely a grandpa gone wild.

Taco Bell's official Super Bowl commercial will debut Feb. 3.