Los Angeles's heritage runs deep when it comes to hip-hop and the industry hustlers. Nipsey Hussle has proven he's a bit of both. The independent rhymer celebrates his 30th birthday today (Aug. 15).

The Crenshaw product made his way into the mainstream lens as he released mixtapes throughout the late aughties. Hussle looked like he was well on his way to becoming a mainstream rap star when he was appeared on XXL's third Freshmen Class cover and got a deal with Epic Records.

The major label route didn't work, though. The "All Get Right" rapper left Epic and build his own fanbase by continuing his series of mixtapes. The Marathon series ran into Crenshaw, a mixtape famous for its monetization efforts. Hussle charged $100 for the first 1,000 copies and other incentives (a ticket to a show). It paid off big time for him as he collected $100,000 and Jay Z himself bought 100 copies as a show of respect for his hustle. He did it again with 2014's Mailbox Money except with $1,000 charged for the first 100 copies.

The hustle continues. Nipsey is reportedly planning on releasing Victory Lap this year.

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