GZA, a member of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan, is working on a new album called 'Dark Matter.'

In an interview with Fader TV, the rapper gives some details on the forthcoming project. "It's inspired by the universe, planets, elements, everything that's around us so I'm putting those facts together and making a story out of it," GZA explains.

He also speaks about one of his favorite pastimes: chess. During Greenwich Village’s Chess Forum, GZA describes how he learned to play the game.

"I learned how to play when I was about 9 years old," the rhymer shares. "A cousin of mine taught me. And we played one or two games and then I didn't play again until I was about 21."

The only reason he picked up on the game again was because of his fellow Wu-Tang members and other artists he hung around.

"I was hanging out in East New York, every now and then with Master Killa, Jeru the Damaja, Afu-Ra and all the brothers from their area, True Master, and they were playing chess," he continues. "It was summer time, they were playing chess in the park. So I started playing again. That's when it really started for me."

Recently, GZA showcased a live performance at Converse Rubber Tracks venue in Brooklyn, performing 'Crash Your Crew,' off his 1999 album, 'Beneath the Surface.'

Watch GZA Perform 'Crash Your Crew' 

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