2012′s scene-stealer and MMG affiliate Gunplay has endured a few bumps and bruises in his career, but it looks like he's on his way with the release of his new mixtape, 'Acquitted.'

The 10-track collection boasts head-nodding trap music and Gunplay's gangster raps. He starts off the mixtape with clips of news reports about his involvement in a 2012 armed robbery case. He was later acquitted and released from house arrest in January of this year.

The rapper, born Richard Morales, pretty much spits guttural rhymes about illicit street activities.

Gunplay raps about drugs ('D.O.P.E.' and 'Cocaina [Que Linda]'), bagging money ('Been Did It') and eliminating "mob-tie hoodlums" ('Drop Tha Tint').

Of course, no mixtape is complete without a joint for the strip clubs. On 'Topside,' Gunplay advises fellas to make sure they tip their local pole dancers well.

The mixtape ends with his 2012 banger 'Bible on tha Dash.' Although the song was released last year, it's still an infectious street anthem.

Here's hoping that Gunplay stays focused and continues to bring his gritty, bullet-riddled rhymes over some cinematic productions from Justice L.E.A.G.U.E and the Morris Brothers ('Bible on the Dash') on his debut album.

If you appreciate Gunplay's gangsta rap ethos then his 'Acquitted' mixtape is right up your alley.



Listen to Gunplay's 'Acquitted' Mixtape

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