Philadelphia-based rapper Gilbere Forte has been building a buzz ever since he dropped songs like 'Pray' and 'Nolita.' Today (May 15), he released his new mixtape, 'Pray,' giving fans a preview of new music he's been working on.

The 25-year-old rhymer is now signed to Epic Records and his new project is a good indication that he will be making plenty of noise in the future.

The collection features 10 tracks of head-nodding beats (courtesy of musical partner RAAK) and empowering rhymes from Forte.

Standout tracks on 'Pray' include the introspective 'Streets Stay Crashing,' the hallucination vibes of 'Double Cupped' and the heartbreaking ode 'Forever Sin' featuring Active Child.

On the turnt-up banger 'Anigma,' Forte spits, "Waking up to credits my life is a movie / Cocking back my prayers, no pressure can shoot me / Fashionably late, Givenchy can sue me."

Here's what Forte said about the project:

PRAY is the third official release from Gilbere Forte. This body of work chronicles the trials, tribulations, emotions, and enlightenment Gilbere has experienced over the last year and a half. Marking his growth as a man, and as an artist. This project is also the final chapter to his trilogy that includes 87 Dreams + Eyes Of Veritas."


Listen to Gilbere Forte's 'Pray' Mixtape

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