Oh no he didn't! Donald Trump is dissing Beyonce's halftime show at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. Appearing on the Howard Stern Show on Feb. 6, the billionaire tycoon viewed the R&B queen's performance as "ridiculous." As if!

"When Beyonce was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner, if someone else would have done that it would have been a national scandal," he told Stern. "I thought it was ridiculous... I thought it was not appropriate."

Sorry Mr. Trump, but you need to sit down. Queen Bey's performance was nothing short of spectacular. It had all the right elements that a halftime show should contain -- lively dancing, pyrotechnics and plenty of good music.

While the 66-year-old real estate mogul wasn't pleased with Beyonce's show, he did concede that he was in a minority with his opinion. "There's no mention of [her sexualized dancing] so obviously, it must not have been so bad. She gets a pass," he said.

Beyonce gets more than a pass, she gets a thumbs up.

You can listen to the full Howard Stern Show interview with Donald Trump here.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump's remarks about Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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