DJ Scream never takes longer than a minute or two to look back at his accomplishments. After all, the official DJ for the Maybach Music Group is always working towards the next big thing. On Saturday (Sept. 28), caught up with Scream on the BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet. The Atlanta native was excited about what's next on the horizon for the HoodRich brand that he co-founded with his partner Rip in 2004.

"We branched out with HPG, the HoodRich Production Group. It’s just been incredible, man," he shares. "When you listen to records like 'Hannah Montana,' from the Migos, 'U.O.E.N.O.' from Rocko, DJ Spinz producing Future’s new single ‘Honest’ with Metro Boomin’..."

"It’s just phenomenal," he adds. "We just wanna keep the airwaves going. Keep the streets going and of course we’re gonna represent for the South and put that music all across the universe."

The icing on the cake for Scream is that others are beginning to notice HoodRich's strides. He was nominated for DJ of the Year at this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards and with a faint smile he shares the reasons why he believes he received the nod.

"It’s dope man," he starts. "We just did the tally and I did over a hundred parties this year, over a hundred mixtapes, managed to put some of the dopest mixtapes out there. Mix show on Hot 107.9 [Atlanta]. Sirius. Hip Hop Nation [hosts Hood Rich Radio]. The HPG movement has some of the best producers, producing the top 10 in No. 1 singles. I just appreciate BET for recognizing a street DJ and giving me the opportunity to be here is a blessing."

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