We allow Diddy to rap and spit a couple bars here and there. Cool.

But for a moment, we allowed him to sing and we should never be forgiven for that. Luckily, he stayed in his range and didn't attempt any real rips or runs on 'Last Night.'

He was smart to get Keyshia Cole on the track to make up for the parts where he was lacking in talent. If you remove Keyshia from the equation, strip out the beat and have Diddy sing a cappella, you'd have a completely different story.

But we could all relate to the pain of unrequited love "sung" in Diddy's lyrics. So thanks for that at least, Mr. Combs. You never have a problem being a little vulnerable in your music and we respect that.

Watch Diddy's 'Last Night' Video Feat. Keyshia Cole 

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