Daye Jack and Killer Mike are repeating the Black Lives Matters' activist mantra, "hands up, don't shoot" on their powerful new song, "Hands Up."

On the track, the two ATLiens vent out their frustration with gun violence. "Living with my head down / hands up / no no no / don't shoot," sings Jack in the chorus of the catchy and smooth track.

Killer Mike, who's known for laying down some political rhymes and participating in protests against violence and police brutality, spits some touching lyrics as well.

"Maybe, the kid that you refer to as a thug is just somebody else's baby / A baby, a ba-ba-ba-ba-baby / Pitched my mother crazy / When she see her baby laying facedown on the burning pavement, Amen / Can I get an Amen? (Amen)," he raps over the Ryan Hunter & Ryan Spraker co-produced track. "Black Lives Matter, tired of boys dying, tired of moms and dads crying / Tired of being passed passed tired," he continues later on.

After releasing the track, Jack shared that he made "Hands Up" because "i am so sick and tired of the police killing us."

Killer Mike also shared his sentiment towards the song. "It means a lot to the people. Bold move and I'm honored to play a role. Salutes King," he tweeted to which Jack replied, "thank you OG this means the world coming from you, im just a kid from atlanta who grew up on your movement." Get into it below.

Listen to Daye Jack's "Hands Up" featuring Killer Mike

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