They say "save the best for last," and that's what 'American Idol' did with Curtis Finch Jr.

The soulful singer with the gospel background went with what 'Idol' judge Randy Jackson would call "old-fashioned" in going with legendary R&B vocalist Luther Vandross' 'Superstar.' You can't get mad at the young man if that's what he does, and he's the kind of singer with a feel for older music, and he does it well.

When you know what you're doing there's not much anyone can tell you, as was the case when Mariah Carey put forth her comments on Curtis. "I wouldn't even begin to critique you because you know what you do," the 'Butterfly' singer said. "With your church, you're telling everybody how to fix what they're doing. You heard everything you did, so you know every note that you sang. It moved me to tears, as it always does when you sing, and I wait the entire time for you to sing."

As Ray Charles would say, "[He] just make it do what it do baby."

Watch Curtis Finch Jr., Perform Luther Vandross' 'Superstar' on 'American Idol'