Ciara teamed up with hip-hop Barbie Nicki Minaj to create the ultimate girl's anthem 'I'm Out,' and finally the music video has debuted. The visual is 100 percent amazing, of course.

No one would expect any less from such a dynamic duo. The video combines both the aggressively flirtatious antics typical of Minaj and ridiculously sexy, dance moves showcased by Ciara.

The clip opens on a close-up of a set of grills worn by Ciara as she mouths the chorus. "Ladies, it's your song, so as soon as this come on / You should get out on the floor, go and get your sexy on," she sings.

Then Minaj enters the scene with the singer, both wearing tight, futuristic, all-white attire that accentuates their curves, especially during their in-sync booty bouncing.

With the help of some backup dancers, CiCi throws down some moves. No surprise, the girl can dance.

The song sits on Ciara's self-titled album, set to hit stores July 9.