L.A.'s own young lyricist Casey Veggies announces he'll be releasing a free album this month called 'Life Changes.'

"This Is A Free Album Guys. I Just Didn't Want To Call It A Mixtape," he announced on his Twitter page Wednesday (Jan. 2).

'Life Changes,' his first studio album, is slated to drop Jan. 22. The Young Veggies is the gift that keeps on giving as he also released a free track 'F--- Witchu' produced by Terrence Clayton. The song will not be on the album but the rapper wanted to feed his fans' ears as he gears up for the big release in less than three weeks.

'F--- Witchu' is a short promo track that has a steady beat that builds with guitar riffs. On the effort, the rapper does some slight bragging, "When the drama start, play your part / We gon' rule the nation / Step up in the crowd, with some new s---, I illuminated."

Before signing to Roc Nation Management in June 2012, the 19-year-old was a former member of the group Odd Future. He left the rap collective early on to pursue his own creative direction. Since the age of 14, he has released five mixtapes, including his last effort, 'Customized Greatly Vol. 3.'

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