Week after week, Candice Glover has graced the 'American Idol' stage, consistently giving breathtaking performances. Last night was no different. She sang Shirley Bassey's version of 'I Who Have Nothing' and received a standing ovation from the audience and judges.

"What comes across from you is superstar. You always walk on there [the stage] and own it immediately," Nicki Minaj said about Candice's chilling performance.

The Young Money rhymer also pointed out that the 'Idol' contestant's legs were exposed for the first time ever during her run on the show.

"Are we seeing your legs tonight for the first time?" Nicki asked Candice, who shyly responded by trying to cover them up.

Watch Candice Glover Perform Shirley Bassey's 'I Who Have Nothing' on 'American Idol'

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