When it comes to Cam'ron's latest mixtape, 'Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1,' you might notice it sounds a little more polished than his previous work.

Take the song 'Me Killa' for example, where Cam spits about the life of a drug dealer over quiet finger snaps. Right off the bat, the song is purely catchy, offering some pop appeal.

And on 'Told You Wrong,' the rap veteran uses a double-time flow, which works well over producer J Money's track, which sounds like it was sampled from a TV crime drama. But the unfortunate part of this song is that it doesn't really wow, it just exists, and this has a lot to do with Cam's mediocre verses.

A few of the other producers on 'Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1' include ADM, YH Zombies, Skitzo and even Cam'ron himself produces a few tracks. Some of the features on the tape include 2 ChainzYo Gotti, Loaded Lux, plus, an impressive verse from T.I.

Overall, it seems that Cam has his best moments on the tape when he's rhyming over quieter beats, since his delivery is so monotone. You might notice this on the track 'Think You Need Love,' where his calm flow fits perfectly over a simple piano riff.

Another example is on the song 'You Know This,' where producer Araab Muzik takes a lush harp sound that really brings out the rapper's story about a persistent girl he's dealing with.

But unfortunately, there are some moments on the tape where it doesn't sound cohesive, which is probably a result of Cam'ron teaming up with so many producers. Sometimes working with multiple producers on one project works because each beatmaker shoots for an overall sound for the album or tape. But sometimes producers just send in a bunch of tracks, and once you put a lot of random tracks together, things could sound disorganized.

Luckily for Cam'ron, this isn't the case throughout the entire tape, just certain parts.

Simply put, if you're a fan of the Harlem rapper then 'Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1' deserves a listen because you'll get a good dose of what Cam is good at -- street raps and drug-dealer tales, with a little bit of comedy thrown in.



Listen to Cam'ron's 'Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1' Mixtape

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