Bun B's new hip-hop coloring book is for grown ups only. So if you are an adult who is an avid rap fan and want to channel your five year-old coloring skills, then this new project is all for you.

'Bun B’s Rap Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Book' is coming this fall and will be 42 pages of line drawings, connect-the-dots and cutout activities, according to the Daily Californian. The book is a collaborative effort between the veteran emcee and writer and illustrator Shea Serrano. Images showcase 45 different rappers, including Drake, T.I., Rick Ross, Queen Latifah and Ice Cube.

This may not be your first time hearing about the coloring book. Bun B and Serrano began uploading free, printable PDF coloring activities to a tumblr page in October 2012.The page immediately went viral and Bun and Serrano were offered publishing deals soon after. The 'Rap Coloring Book' Tumblr shows pages such as the one above of OutKast, which previews what's to come in the project.

Even though the coloring book will look inviting to any kid's eyes, the message is too mature for younger coloring fanatics, says Serrano.

“Kids shouldn’t listen to rap music and definitely shouldn’t listen to the rappers that we [include]," Serrano explained.

"There was, however, a conscious effort made to keep the book, unlike the Tumblr, which occasionally incorporates some raunchier themes, completely clean — there is no cursing or middle fingers — so that it is not inappropriate for children. “If it lands in a kid’s lap, then cool; he’s going to like it,” Serrano said. “But we’re kind of making this for rap fans.”

Dust off those crayons now.

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