'Cinderella' is one of those fairy tales that has been revamped over and over again. Even the late Whitney Houston and Brandy acted in a made-for-TV musical version of the story. Now YouTube star and 'American Idol' finalist Todrick Hall gives 'Cinderella' the Beyonce twist.

"Cinderonce' takes us into the world of the original fairy tale, but replaces all of the dialogue with Beyonce's big hits. 'Halo,' 'Diva' and 'Freakum Dress' are just some of the tracks that are featured in the video.

While Sasha Fierce isn't actually featured, her spirit is all over this visual. There's even a fairy godmother dressed as Mrs. Carter in a silver, glittering one-shoulder mini and complete with the 'fro-ed out curls.

Like all fairy tales, Cinderonce and her Prince Charming show their love for each other, only here they do it with a rousing performance of 'Love on Top' as they live happily ever after -- of course.