With her world tour over and done with, many are hoping they'll hear some material from Beyonce's upcoming solo album. Her recent video shoot at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Coney Island hints that perhaps fans will get that opportunity sooner than later.

The songstress was spotted riding the famed Cyclone roller coaster on Thursday (Aug. 29), donning a white tank top and a baseball cap with the Notorious B.I.G.'s likeness on it. Of course, Beyonce was riding in the front car. What a daredevil!

It's a normal activity for regular folk, but since it's Beyonce, a joyride on the 86-year-old roller coaster becomes an event.

“This is the craziest and best thing I’ve seen in my whole life,” Shawnette Duncan, a 19-year-old Beyonce fan from Brooklyn, told the NY Daily News. “I came out to Coney Island for the day. It was a lucky day.”

There aren't many details about the upcoming music video other than it has scenes at Coney Island and is shot by fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

James Devaney, WireImage
James Devaney, WireImage
James Devaney, FilmMagic