Beyonce is a grown ass woman who can do whatever she wants, including tease us with only 12 seconds of her new track 'Grown Woman.' It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it in length, but it gives us a sample of the fierce, almost tribal track.

Bey declares, "I'm a grown woman / Do whatever I want / 'Cause I put it down like that." As for the visuals, there's an image of Bey with a wild mane of blonde waves, posing during a photo shoot. There's also some dancing in a rehearsal space. Those are two things Bey does well -- looking particularly bangin' in photos and dancing her face off!

But other than that, there's not much to go on in this teaser other than an all-too-short nugget of music from Blue Ivy's mother and Pepsi's favorite spokesmodel, as well as the headliner for the Jay-Z-curated and Budweiser-sponsored Made in America festival in Philly this Labor Day Weekend.

The nature of its existence is a mystery but since it's a crumb of new material, we'll shut up and take it. What else can we do? It's King Bey's world -- we just live in it.