Beyonce may be one of the most famous women on the planet right now, but that doesn't mean she can't be like us normal folk, too. While we're still wondering how Mrs. Carter is going to celebrate her 32nd birthday today (which will most likely be epic), decided to honor the occasion by highlighting some of her every-day-out-of-the-spotlight moments.

She's a strong yet grounded lady, but also a girl from Houston who's a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. Thanks to Instagram and Bey's willingness to give us snapshots of her life on the social media site, here are some of her top "normal" moments. Happy Birthday Beyonce!

While we know her for starting the trends, sometimes Beyonce follows them, too. And we all can't forget that time in the 2000s, when we thought bindis were the must-have accessory.


Bey shows off her playful side by doing her own 'Where's Waldo' kind of game by hiding behind her friends in this shot.

We know it's Baby Bey, but this clearly shows where Blue Ivy got her adorable features from.

Yes, even hip-hop's power couple can show their romantic side, too. And even though PDA can be too much, we'll give the Carters a pass for just being be so sweet.

No sibling rivalry here. Beyonce and Solange really have been by each other's side since they were kids. And we love the musical connection.

Not too sure if Beyonce is asking us to bow down to her hubby because he's graduated or if Jay Z is telling us to bow down to his wifey. Either way, we give her props for making this funny meme.

Beyonce has worn some ridiculous things onstage, but this outfit definitely takes the cake. Erykah Badu called and she wants her turban back.

Beyonce was obviously channeling Janet Jackson's style (circa 1993) along with some hair tips from her sister.

There's nothing sexier than having R&B's biggest girl group do the duck face.

If you ever worried that Bey never reads your tweet on Twitter or your Instagram comment, here's proof that she does.