After announced that Beyonce was going to be the latest face of H&M in March, the international clothing retailer has been rolling out the campaign in pieces.

Starting with photos of Bey in the new summer line, the TV commercial premiered last week (April 25) -- the visual looked more like a music video for 'Standing in the Sun' written by Sia.

Now fans of Mrs. Carter can see just how much work went into the sizzling video. The almost two-minute clip gives a behind-the-scenes look at how director Jonas Akerlund turns the Bahamas into Beyonce's island kingdom as well as how little time she actually had to rehearse the choreography.

"It's going to be a firework of visual impressions," said H&M creative director Donald Schneider, who narrated most of the video. "I don't think fashion has been shown this way."

Swimwear by the Sea, the line the 'Bow Down' singer models in the campaign, will hit both H&M stores and online in May.