Beyonce has got the power! It appears one fan experienced the jolt of his life when the R&B queen grabbed his hand during her concert performance in Houston on the Mrs. Carter World tour.

In a hilarious video that has gone viral, a male concertgoer is overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit when Beyonce holds his hand while singing 'Irreplaceable.' You can see the man shake violently for a couple of seconds before Beyonce gives him a hug.

Afterward, the fan faints into the crowd. Holy Beyzus!

No word on the man's condition but clearly he's been baptized into the Church of Beyhive. Hallelujah!

Oddly enough, Beyonce has been interacting with her fans during the same song in several cities.

A couple of days ago, in Atlanta, Beyonce scolded a fan for not singing along with the rest of the audience during her rendition of 'Irreplaceable.' The older gentlemen was so determined to film the moment rather than participate that Beyonce had to put him in check.

“You can’t even sing ’cause you’re too busy taping," she seethed. "I’m right in your face, baby. You got to seize this moment. Put that damn camera down!"

You hear that? Don't mess with the gospel of Beysus.

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