When it comes to releasing a mixtape, there are usually two kinds of artists: one that drops a tape just to stay relevant and the other is one that actually crafts a complete piece of work-- just like he's making an album.

After listening to Audio Push's latest tape, 'Come As You Are,' it's clear to hear which group of artists the California duo belongs to. Oktane and Price Tag want this project to be a statement, and not just a throw away project.

The producers on 'Come As You Are' include Hit-Boy, Hazebanga, Matt Burnett and others, and some of the features on the release are Wale, Joey Bada$$ and a laid-back T.I. on the cut 'Theme Song.'

Most of the project sounds like a mix of '90s rap and records made for the clubs. MCs Price Tag and Oktane do a decent job of shifting between the two styles of music, without really missing a step.

Take the title track 'Come As You Are' for example. Producers Key Wane and Hit-Boy use a minimalist approach and create a track that could easily be on an old Busta Rhymes records, but somehow it still sounds fresh and up to date. And on the other end of the sound spectrum there's 'Space Jam,' which could easily fit on any good hip-hop dance album.

If you're looking for clever wordplay here, you'll get that. If you want something to move around to, you'll get that too, which makes 'Come As You Are' pretty different from what's currently out on the market. With most groups, you usually get either good lyrics or good club songs. Most times never both.

On 'Turn Down,' producer Matthew Burnett uses soulful sounds, which fit perfectly under the group's rhymes about not wasting your life. However, the song gets a little preachy before it's done, which could be considered a misstep for some listeners.

Without a doubt the strongest cut on the tape is 'Theme Song,' for its attention-grabbing bell chimes and its fierce lyrics. And the group also gets a few points for incorporating some singing with their rhymes, but it's not overdone, which is really a good thing.

In short, 'Come As You Are' is a strong release due to its solid production. Plus, Price Tag and Oktane have good chemistry in the booth together, which all rap duos don't have, so they get additional points for melding their individual rhymes into one cohesive piece of work.

Undoubtedly, 'Come As You Are' is worth your time and worth the download. You shouldn't be disappointed at all.



Listen to Audio Push's 'Come As You Are' Mixtape

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