First coming into the public spotlight on Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' music competition, Astro -- the "Astronomical Kid" -- brought a level of arrogance and swag that can only be found in New York, and his latest project, 'Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics,' is no different.

The kid is already garnering respect with production from 9th Wonder, BrandUn DeShay, ThatLoserLaron and MF Doom on 'Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics' and its no surprise because he has talent. Bringing strong lyrical content and a flow to match -- beyond his years -- Astro shines throughout the 13-track project.

Putting his emotions and family struggles on wax, the Brooklyn-born rapper takes out his frustrations with his estranged pops on 'Dead Beat.' He outlines his relationship with his pops and different instances where the man was not a parent, explaining that he dipped out for good. Astro also gives advice to other deadbeat dads out there.

What might sound like a kid crying about his daddy issues really isn't; 'Dead Beat' is actually an introspective analysis of his family dynamic, which also dives into the issues of deadbeat dads as a whole with strong lyrics.

For those talking that "he hasn't been doing anything since he was on 'X Factor'" nonsense, Astro responds on 'Fell Off.' The Brooklynite plans to be in this rap game for quite awhile as he raps, "That lyrical prophet making profits / And won't stop until this workout plan make me a skinny dude with big pockets." Astro switches flows on this track, showing he's more than a one trick pony. He's not one to be slept on with lines like this: "Versatile, always keep an extra flow, game tired so the kid napping like Mexico."

'Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics' has an early '90s rap feel to it, which of course is one of the prominent eras of the genre. As a whole, the project has interesting concepts, good flow, strong content and the angles showcased make this an all-around good tape -- one that could possibly get Astro fans outside of his 'X Factor' circle.



Listen to Astro's 'Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics'

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