Speculations about Coco's alleged infidelity with rapper AP.9 are heating up. The rapper visited Bay Area radio station KMEL to tell his side of the scandalous affair with Ice-T's wife and show a few pictures to boot.

The controversy started in December 2012, when photos of Coco and AP.9 surfaced online. The images displayed the two hugged up in the club. According to the rapper, he and Coco enjoyed a week-and-a-half rendezvous in Las Vegas. Of course, Ice-T wasn't too happy with the pictures, which Coco later apologized for her indiscretion.

Since then, AP.9 has been appearing on radio shows and gossip blogs to clear his good name and clarify that he's not a groupie. During the interview with KMEL, AP.9 admitted that he did have sex with Coco and wasn't apologetic about sleeping with a married woman. "First of all, I'm not married," he said. "She's the one that took those vows."

He wouldn't reveal how many times he "smashed it down," however, he did already talk to Ice-T about the situation -- yes, this means the rapper-turned-'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' actor apparently knows about the affair. AP.9 claims he also received gifts from Coco but wouldn't disclose what kind of gratuity he earned for his alleged prowess in the bedroom.

This bit of news comes after reports surfaced that Ice-T and Coco were headed for divorce. However, reps for both parties confirmed to E! Online that their marriage is still intact.

"Ice and Coco are doing totally fine," says Coco's spokesperson. "Those papers are fake. They are not addressing rumors or the photos [Coco posing with that rapper] and are moving forward happily."

Coco doesn't seem phased by AP.9's ongoing slander campaign. The buxom model posted photos of herself on Twitter yesterday wearing a tight and extremely short mini-dress, which revealed her huge cleavage and muscular legs.