On last night's episode of 'American Idol,' Lazaro Arbos was eliminated, leaving only five contestants in the competition. Two past 'Idol' winners -- Kelly Clarkson and Scottie McCreery -- graced the stage and sang their latest singles, 'People Like Us' and 'See You Tonight,' respectively.

The 'Idol' hopefuls were placed in three pairs, one represented the bottom and the others the top two: Angie Miller with Janelle Arthur; Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holocomb; and Kree Harrison with Candice Glover. It was understood that the Lazaro/Amber group represented the pair in danger of elimination.

Everyone crossed their fingers and hoped America was not crazy enough to send Amber home before Lazaro, especially after his horrendous performance last night.

Lazaro was chosen to "sing for his life" in front of the 'Idol' judges, but the performance was simply not good enough to have Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Blake Shelton and Randy Jackson to use their only "save" to keep him on the show. Amber still remained, but after another week in the bottom two, no one was sure for how long.

'American Idol' Season One winner, Kelly Clarkson performed her latest single, 'People Like Us,' and rocked the stage. The multi-Grammy Award-winning pop star could not even look her idol, Mariah Carey, in the eye after the performance. The R&B veteran took to the stage to show Kelly support. The ladies had a girlie moment, exchanging compliments and giggling together.

Watch Mariah Carey & Kelly Clarkson's Moment on 'American Idol'