Another week, another five more 'American Idol' hopefuls sent home. This time, the ladies were the center of the attention and -- in what has become the norm -- they out-shined the men yet again.

Things are really beginning to turn up this season with the judges separating the really strong singers from those that fail behind the mic. These semifinal rounds are tough, the talent pool is just that strong and contestants have to really think about strategy going forward. The judges made that clear last night.

Speaking on Melinda Ademi after her performance of Jessie J's 'Nobody's Perfect,' Nicki Minaj felt she didn't offer enough emotion with the lyrics. "I don't know, I know Angela sang that song last week, and it was so much more connected when she did it," the rapper said. "For you to sing that song, all I could think of was Angela's performance. I liked it, I didn't love it. This is the second time you sang a Jessie J song, so I would also start playing around with different artists so that you're not only doing one person."

Where the competition is at now, contestants have to pay attention to the other singers: their flaws, their strengths and obviously the songs they're singing so as not to make the same mistake Melinda did. The judges will notice.

The slight bickering continued from last week between Nicki and Randy Jackson. Critiquing Aubrey Cleiland's rendition of Beyonce's 'Sweet Dreams,' Nicki was floored with her performance. "I am obsessed with you," she admitted. "Normally, I hate when people do Beyonce because you can't compare to Beyonce, but when you did your low voice I liked it. You sounded really, really pretty. When you went high and did that big note, it wasn't Beyonce-ish, but for the fact that you had that rich texture when you sang, I was blown away. I felt like I was at your concert."

Randy then took a playful jab at Nicki. "I'm a huge fan of yours, too," he stated. "I'm obsessed with me and you, and these three other judges up here, and a little bit of Ryan Seacrest too."

Nicki was certainly annoyed. Things began to heat up between the two when Randy gave his honest opinion of Aubrey. "I don't think it was the perfect song for you because it didn't give you big moments," Randy explained. Nicki cut in saying, "That was the perfect song for her. That was the absolute perfect song for you."

Sticking up for his opinion, Randy fired back with a "I disagree with that." Trying to keep the peace and stay out of it, Mariah Carey began to whistle to lighten things up a bit. People were worried about the cat fights between Nicki and Mariah, but the Nicki and Randy rumbles these past few weeks are quite entertaining.

Tonight, the men hit the stage again, and in keeping with the semifinals format, five more will be sent home again, shrinking the 2013 'Idol' pool down to the top 20. Before America goes to the polls and begins sending folks home, see which men the 'Idol' judges send home.

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