Getting a tattoo of your significant other's name on your body is usually the kiss of death that triggers the demise of a relationship. Well, model Amber Rose clearly does not care about such old wives' tales and affirmed her commitment to rapper Wiz Khalifa by taking the body art homage a step further.

She had his face tattooed on her arm, portrait-style.

Rose posted a photo of the tat on Instagram and it's incredibly well done in black and gray inks. The rapper is boasting a toothy grin and sleepy eyes. The tattoo is seriously detailed; even Wiz's neck tattoos and earrings are visible.

We thought they might have incorporated a little yellow ink into the piece, given the title of his biggest hit ('Black and Yellow'), but it's all shading and two-toned.

Rose, who once dated rapper Kanye West, captioned the photo:  "True Love #Cam&Amb :-)." The "Cam" refers to Wiz's given name -- Cameron.

You know, the tattoo is not really that much of a stretch when you think about it. The couple seems to be crazy in love, making out on red carpets and staring lovingly into one another's eyes.More importantly, they are engaged and welcomed their son Sebastian 'The Bash' Taylor Thomas in February, so their commitment is pretty strong and stable.

The tattoo really is a sweet and outward sign of their love.

We're waiting for the heavily inked Wiz to get his son's baby picture tatted on him sooner or later.

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