Everyone knew Amber Holcomb would definitely be in danger for elimination tonight if she did not deliver a kick-ass performance on 'American Idol' last night. Luckily for the Texas native, her rendition of the popular jazz standard 'My Funny Valentine' received an absolutely well-deserved standing ovation.

Her powerful yet sweet and sultry voice combined with her look won the judges over. 'Up there looking like a beautiful, budding red rose," Nicki Minaj said about the singer, who looked stunning in a red ensemble and pinned up hair. "From the set to the outfit to the subtle poise," the black Barbie gushed.

Amber took the panel's compliments rather stoically at first, but eventually broke down into tears from the pressure that had been placed on her after the miraculous intervention last week that saved her from being eliminated.

"No matter what happens tomorrow, you have a lifetime ahead of you to make incredible moments in music," Minaj said to the teary-eyed 'Idol.'

Watch Amber Holcomb Perform 'My Funny Valentine' on 'American Idol'