Going with an "old-fashioned" song like 'My Funny Valentine,' you'd think this was a bad song choice for Amber Holcomb considering she's 18 (the track originally came out in 1937 and was sung by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart).

However, Amber showcased a smoother version of the tune and added an R&B feel to it -- singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker and Etta James have all sung the effort countless times in their respective recording careers. The judges were hanging onto her every word, proving she was a believable performer. This was arguably the best performance of the night.

After Nicki Minaj gave Amber an "A+++," Mariah Carey wanted to "smack [her]," but "in a good way; meaning it was that good."

Well, we may not want to smack her over here at TheDrop.fm, but we did dig her performance. Just a great rendition of a timeless classic.

Watch Amber Holcomb Sing 'My Funny Valentine' on 'American Idol'