Ditzy Twitter addict Amanda Bynes is reportedly being courted by a hip-hop label. No, that's not a typo.

RadarOnline.com reports that Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records wants Bynes to sign a contract with him to record a rap album.

"I cleared the project with The Orchard and Sony Entertainment and they gave me the green light to go ahead," he said.


The embattled Nickelodeon star has expressed on her timeline that she wanted to pursue a music career after years of acting. Whether she was serious or not is anyone's guess.

Bynes' entry into the music world comes with a few bumps already. The actress has been confrontational with a few artists on Twitter. In May, she got into a tweeting match with Rihanna that quickly backfired on her badly. She also sent Drake a love tweet, but now thinks he's ugly.

Interestingly, it was Bynes' infatuation with the Toronto emcee that sparked Herman's interest in her. “I think that she's more gangster than Drake,” he said.

As for his hip-hop label, Chinga Chang Records, we have never heard of it. Let's keep it real, it's not like Def Jam is pursing Bynes to join its all-star roster of artists.

"The fact that Amanda wants to do hip-hop music means that Chinga Chang label is the best place for her to do this, because of my past experience with bringing pop and legitimate hip-hop together," attests Herman.

While we appreciate Herman's confidence in Bynes' unknown lyrical skills, we think he should reconsider.

Hmm, maybe Bynes' hubris might fit in the hip-hop world. Calling Kanye West?