'Midnight Marauders,' A Tribe Called Quest's third studio album, turns 20 this year and is considered a classic for its long-lasting impact on hip-hop culture.

The cover art for the group's album was also just as iconic as the music itself. The Tribe was never flashy nor showed their faces on their album covers, opting for colorful and message-driven aesthetics instead.

Behind the figure decorated in black, green and red -- also presented on their 'Low End Theory' and 'Beats, Rhymes, and Life' albums -- were black-and-white headshots of a reported 71 hip-hop artists and others associated with the culture. Those celebrated included Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, DJ Kid Capri, Doug E. Fresh, Diddy and Dr. Dre.

By paying homage to their peers and predecessors, the Tribe created a unique history lesson that could never be forgotten.

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