The moment we heard Alicia Keys belt out the opening notes of 'Fallin',' we knew she was going to be a star. 'Songs in A Minor,' her debut album, released in 2001. It was an instant hit -- debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and earned her five Grammy awards in 2002. This made her the second female solo artist to win that many accolades since Lauryn Hill in 1999.

Her sophomore effort, 'The Diary of Alicia Keys,' hit No. 1 in its first week and became the best-selling female artist of 2003. Her other three albums, 2007's 'As I Am,' 2009's 'The Element of Freedom' and the most recent release, 2012's 'Girl On Fire,' all have been successful and churned out numerous hits.

Not only can she sing but she can also act. She made her silver screen debut in 2007, with a role in 'Smokin' Aces.' She also appeared in 'The Nanny Diaries' and 'The Secret Life of Bees.'

Teaming with BlackBerry, Keys embarked on a global tour with Miguel this year and she's also working with Reebok to get people in shape.

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