Hip-hop and R&B have always had an infatuation with round derrieres. Some artists are more discreet in their tributes to big ole butts while others have been more creative, coining new phrases for the beloved body part. Rappers have yelled loudly how women should shake it while singers break out in a serenade when seeing a lady walk down the street with a rear that catches their eye. From 2 Chainz to Wreckx-n-Effect, here are the 25 Best Booty Songs.

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    'My Humps'

    Black Eyed Peas

    The Black Eyed Peas’ most popular song to date is ‘My Humps,’ the third single from the group’s fourth studio album, ‘Monkey Business,’ released in 2005. The guys in the group profess their love for nice derrieres while the lone lady teases that she can control the men since she possesses the goods.

    The track provides a fun call-and-response mechanism -- “Whatchu gon’ do with all that junk?” will.i.am asks. “I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk / Get you love drunk off my hump,” answers Fergie. There was no getting rid of this song once it got stuck in your head.

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    'Round of Applause'

    Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Drake

    Waka Flocka Flame wants nothing more than to see "ass clap" on his track 'Round of Applause.' The southern rhymer repeats the phrase more than any other words in the song. Other verbs used heavily are "bounce,"  "bring back" and "shake."

    "Bounce that ass, shake that ass like the twerk team /
    Hair long, ass fat, shawty mean / That girl look like Halle Berry when I'm on them beans," he spits.

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    'Ms. New Booty'

    Bubba Sparxxx

    We're not sure if Bubba Sparxxx is looking for a new love, but he's definitely found himself a 'Ms. New Booty,' the title of his butt-loving 2006 record.

    On the track, the rapper thinks very highly of himself and puts himself and the pleasure he's getting from the booty at the center. "Put it on me enthusiastically / Whatever it is that you do, you do it admirably / And I ain't choose it, that thing chose me," he raps.

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    'Fatty Girl'

    LL Cool J, Keith Murray & Ludacris

    LL Cool J, Keith Murray and Ludacris came together in 2001 for a tribute to the big booty blessed chicks with 'Fatty Girl.' On the record, each rapper serves up lyrics of their fantasies with chicks they want to bone.

    Luda can't help but say, "You lookin' mighty fine in them jeans." But Keith Murray delivers the classic line of the song, rapping, "Goodness gracious good god almighty / You got a badonkadonk, girl don't hurt nobody."

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    Wale Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J

    As if we didn't need another stripper anthem, rapper Wale brings along Juicy J and Nicki Minaj for 'Clappers' on his latest album, 'The Gifted.'

    "Shawty got a big ole butt / Bounce / Bounce / Bounce
    Bounce," Wale proclaims on the track.

    Juicy J adds his requests on his verse stating, "Make you do a wiggle, do a perfect split." While Nicki gives a "Shout out to that cellulite" and isn't afraid to flaunt full cheeks.

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    'Big Ole Butt'

    LL Cool J

    Coming in at No. 20 on our 25 Best Booty Songs is LL Cool J's 'Big Ole Butt. On the track, the Queens, N.Y., MC plays a trifling boyfriend who falls in lust with a girl named Tina who flaunts a behind just like the song title boasts. He kicks his lady to the curb for her on the 1989 record. Crazy what a big booty will make men do.

    "When I went home, I kissed my girl on the cheek /
    But in the back of my mind it was this big butt freak," he raps.

    Before the song is over, LL has sex with two more big booty girls: one named Brenda -- who he is caught messing with by Tina -- and another named Lisa, who Brenda finds him messing with. This is one big mess of drama.

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    'Thong Song'


    With platinum blond hair, Sisqo wanted all of our attention as he released his debut album, ‘Unleash the Dragon’ in 1999. He opened our ears even more when he put out 'Thong Song,’ in which he sung passionately about the skimpy form of underwear.

    "She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck / Thighs like what, what, what / Baby move your butt, butt, butt / Uh," he sings repeatedly.

    The song eventually reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and annoyed us very much with the number of times radio played it.

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    'Pull Over'

    Trina & Trick Daddy

    Trina and Trick Daddy joined forces for 'Pull Over' in 2000.  The femme fatale has committed the crime of walking while having a big butt and is being told to stop in an authoritative tone -- she's then given a ticket. Trina brags that she's the inspiration behind Sisqo's infamous song too. "Sisqo made that song when he seen me in a / Thong, th-thong, thong, thong," she rhymes on the record.

    She's also using what she has to make money. "Fat ass with it / Gettin' cash with it / I throw my back in it, yeah / And I'ma shake what my mama gave me."

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    'Drop It Low'

    Ester Dean

    This hyped up track by Ester Dean requires you to 'Drop It Low' in accordance to the beat. The songstress is confident in stating she's the baddest in the club at the moment and has the skills to prove she can move it the best as well. "Yeah boy, you like that / I can tell that you like that / Yeah boy, you love it when my booty goes /Boom, ba-ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, boom," she sings on the 2009 record.

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    'Slow Down'

    Bobby V.

    On 'Slow Down' by Bobby V., the crooner has spotted a girl "walking down on Melrose" and is blown away by her sexiness. On the street in real life, this probably wouldn't play out as smooth, but Bobby's singing makes it seem less annoying.

    "Slow down I just wanna get to know you / But don't turn around / 'Cause that pretty round thing looks good to me / Slow down never seen anything so lovely / Now turn around / And bless me with your beauty, cutie."

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    'Feeling On Yo’ Booty'

    R. Kelly

    The title of R. Kelly's 2001 tune 'Feelin' On Your Booty' gives away the main premise of the song. The slowed down record paints a picture of the moment in the club when the DJ throws on your favorite, chill record.

    The singer finds someone he wants to partner up with and gets pretty frisky in the process while on the dance floor. "As I walk you to the dance floor / We begin to dance slow / Put your arms around me / I'm feelin' on your booty," he sings.

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    'Dance (A$$)' Remix

    Big Sean Feat. Nicki Minaj

    Big Sean's 'Dance (A$$)' Remix featuring Nicki Minaj is the Detroit rhymer's biggest song off his debut album, 'Finally Famous,' and No. 12 on our 25 Best Booty Songs. The double platinum single samples MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This.' On the hook, Sean's voice loops, creating the sound of the word "ass" over and over. "How your waist anorexic and then your ass is colossal? / Drop that ass make it boomerang," he raps.

    The record doesn't get too poetic as Sean is simply mesmerized at the caliber of back ends in his presence.

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    'In Those Jeans'


    'In Those Jeans' was a classic example of what R&B does best -- take a potentially super sexy topic and smooth it out. On the 2003 single, Ginuwine hops in his whip and spots a booty that makes him want to sing, cry and get down on bended knee, among other things.

    "Made a thug wanna cry something terrible / I had to have, have you for myself baby / You don't know what those jeans do to me," Ginuwine sings.

    Essentially he's not paying attention to jean labels today; all that matters is the quality of what's inside of them.

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    Destiny's Child

    Snoop Dogg coined the term originally, but Destiny’s Child brought it to life in their track ‘Bootylicious.’ At the time, the media was in a frenzy over the curvy shapes of artists like J.Lo and Beyonce herself. On the upbeat track, the ladies brag about their goods and are confident that no man can handle what they have to offer.

    "Read my lips carefully if you like what you see / Move, groove, prove you can hang with me / By the looks I got you shook up and scared of me," sings Beyonce. She won't deal with those lacking solid derrieres and neither should you.

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    'Shake It Fast'


    If record stores were to store music based on similarities, placed right next to Juvenile's 'Back That Thang Up' would be Mystikal's 'Shake It Fast.'

    On the track, the southern spitter delivers rhymes in a fashion that would make you think James Brown had an hip-hop alter-ego. "So don't act like you don't be backin' that stuff up / Girl in the club, 'cause that's what you got ass for / Wobble, wobble I'm infatuated," he raps.

    We're pretty sure the body part was created for more usage than Mystikal's gaze, but in this moment, this thought doesn't occur to him.

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    Soulja Boy

    If you didn't know what a donk was before hearing Soulja Boy Tell Em's song, then you were pretty clear on its meaning by the time it faded out.

    "She got a donk, watch it hit the floor / I like the way she move and the way she snap and roll," he raps in the opening lines.

    Soulja was only 17 when the song was released in 2008 -- pretty young -- but old enough to know what kind of booty he's attracted to when he walks up in a party.

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    'Birthday Song'

    2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West

    According to 2 Chainz, nothing makes a birthday better than having a "big booty" type of chick as a present. This track was on heavy rotation in summer 2012, and featured more vainglorious lyrics from G.O.O.D. Music leader Kanye West.

    "They ask me what I do and who I do it for / When I die, bury me inside the booty club," raps Deuce. Even when it's all over for 2 Chainz, he still wants to be surrounded by the butts.

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    'Look Back at Me'

    Trina Feat. Killer Mike

    Trina talks dirty on her track 'Look Back at Me' off her 2008 album, 'Still Da Baddest.' On the song, the rapper is straightforward about her full-figured features and has no problem letting the guys know what they have to bring to the table. "I got an ass so big like the sun / Hope you got a mile for a d--- I wanna run," she raps. In a world where only guys get to talk their game and smack, Trina represents for the ladies.

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    'Ms. Fat Booty'

    Mos Def

    On 'Ms Fat Booty,' Mos Def explains how he got caught up with a lady whose "Ass so fat that you could see it from the front."

    After approaching her on the street and getting no digits, he eventually gets her number after a chance happening at a club, where he's introduced to her. Nine months into dating, he's got "flu-like symptoms when shorty not around," and is ready to lock it down, not just "knock it down."

    Afraid of commitment, 'Ms Fat Booty' disappears and cuts him off, leaving Mos feeling beyond played on the 1999 track.

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    ‘Pop That P----'

    2 Live Crew

    Probably the most sexually explicit song on this list, 'Pop That P----' by 2 Live Crew made a come back this year as it was sampled by French Montana on his track by a similar title, 'Pop That.' But nothing beats the original as far as down right nasty talk that makes you feel embarrassed if it gets played in the room with your mother. She just might ask you the lyrics or dance to it without actually know what's being said.

    "I like big booty and big ol' titties / Bitch, you know you've been f---ed by many / So come and be my private dancer I got some money if that's the answer," Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew raps.

    We're not going to repeat anything else, so listen further to hear more NSFW lyrics.

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    'Baby Got Back'

    Sir Mix-A-Lot

    Sir Mix-A-Lot can't even lie about his obsession with big butts on 'Baby Got Back.' Although criticized for its overtly sexual and explicit lyrics, music listeners bought it up in 1992, as it was the best-selling single that year behind Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.'

    The catchy tune starts off with a skit of two women who are taken aback by the size of another woman's apple ("Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.") But Mix-A-Lot doesn't want anything to do with flattys, all he wants are fattys. "I ain't talkin' bout Playboy / 'Cause silicone parts are made for toys / I want 'em real thick and juicy / So find that juicy double," he raps.

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    'Da Butt'


    'Da Butt' by Experienced Unlimited is a classic 1980s go-go jam about the art of bringing it down low to the infectious funked up instrumentals of the song.

    "Walked in this place / Surprised to see a big girl gettin' busy / Just rockin' to the go-go beat / The way she shook her booty sho' looked good to me," the lead singer Gregory Eliot sings in the first verse.

    The No. 1 R&B record grew even more popular as it was featured in Spike Lee's film 'School Daze' in 1988.

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    'Bonita Applebum'

    A Tribe Called Quest

    In 1990, rap group A Tribe Called Quest coined a new title for chicks with a well-endowed booty. 'Bonita Applebum' was a rap ballad of sorts and was much less aggressive in delivery than songs celebrating round assets years down the line. On the track, Q-Tip raps softly as he kicks game to the "applebum" of his eye. "38-24-37 (uh, uh, uh!) / You and me, hun, we're a match made in heaven," he spits. All in all this was probably the most creative tribute to booty ever made.

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    'Back That Ass Up'

    Juvenile Feat. Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh

    'Back That Ass Up' by Juvenile is one of the rapper's biggest hits and a party record that is deemed to always get spins. On the 1999 song, Juvi sees what one particular chick is working with and has to stop and give her round rump all of his attention. He wants to let her know all the things he'll give her because he's hypnotized by her back-end.

    "Make a n---- spend his cash, yeah / His last, yeah / You gon' ride in the Jag, yeah / With dad, yeah / You could smoke a fire bag, yeah / Of grass, yeah / Got money I confess, yeah / And trash, yeah," he raps.

  • 1



    A classic in its own right, 'Rumpshaker' is a lusty rundown of desires from the fellas of Wreckx-n-Effect. When it comes to bums, "All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom" goes the hook.

    On the 1992 new jack swing track, the trio instruct the ladies to jiggle it up. "Flip tail, so let me see you shake it up like dice / The way you shake your rump is turnin mighty men to mice," A Plus spits on his first verse.

    This bum is kryptonite and it's making the men lose all composure.

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