Young Jeezy is going out on a limb by saying that he has no idea who Demetrius Ellerbee is. The man is currently suing the Atlanta rapper.

After all, Ellerbee is all over Jeezy's 2011's 'TM 103: A Hustlerz Ambition' documentary as his partner, having helped the rapper build the Corporate Thugs Entertainment imprint from the ground up.

Ellerbee who goes by the nickname “Kinky B,” initially filed a lawsuit against the Snowman for money owed to him for executive producing CTE albums.

He also claims that after bringing Young Jeezy to Def Jam's boardroom and situating a distribution deal between the two entities, he was cut out of the money earned through making the deal, which amounted to millions.

Over time, Ellerbee states that Jeezy gave up on paying him at all, although they were partners from the start. Ellerbee's attorney, Mario Breedlove told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "They were partners. They started the company together. They grew the company together. And he's entitled to one-half."

Last August, Ellerbee filed the suit, seeking $5 million in damages, and if he wins, Jeezy will be paying his legal fees as well.

But the drama doesn't end there. Jeezy has filed a countersuit against Ellerbee, alleging that he's never even formed a friendship with him, much less, business deals. According to Jizzle, they certainly didn't agree to split the profits.

The Snowman may have a hard time getting out of this one but it'll be entertaining to see him try, especially as much as the music industry knows Ellerbee for being involved in the bulk of Jeezy's career.

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