Following his wedding with Amber Rose Sunday (Aug. 18), the newly married Wiz Khalifa releases 'Look Into My Eyes, a post-marital gift to his fans.

"This song may or may not be on BH. I juss always listen to it n Sledge made the beat n I want you guys to have it," Wiz tweeted to his followers Monday (Aug. 19) with a link to the song.

The Sledgren-produced banger features the Taylor Gang leader getting introspective about being a wealthy rapper, doting dad and label boss. Over a bass-heavy beat, stuttering snares and spacey synths, Wiz brings listeners into his chaotic world through his eyes.

"It ain’t hard to tell I got money, you could see if you blind / You can see it when it shine, if you see it than it’s mine / Always on my hustle, always on my grind," he raps.

The Pittsburgh rhymer later adds, "Say I look just like Sebastian if you look into my eyes / Know this whole world f---ed up so I gotta raise him right."

Meanwhile, Wiz is currently working on his third album, 'Blacc Hollywood,' which is expected to hit stores later this year.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's 'Look Into My Eyes'