Waka Flocka Flame has made amends with Wiz Khalifa after snarky comments made in December 2011, against the Pittsburgh rapper.

During a recent interview with Shade 45's Superstar J, the Atlanta rapper admitted that the issue he had with Wiz Khalifa wasn't important enough to pursue seriously.

"You know what it is? It's 2013. I'm like f--- it, you know what I mean? All fake beef and real beef, I'ma spread 'em apart. That's fake beef," Waka said. "I got real s--- going on right now. Real s--- I gotta focus on right now. No s--- you put in metaphors, no s--- you put in bars, n----. None of that. I'ma cut every throat right now. I don't want no n---- to block no door, but the one he standing in.

"I looked this n---- like, this n---- ain't do nothing remotely dangerously to me," he continued. "When it could have been something, it was nothing. It was dead. That's why I never pressed it later on in the year."

Interestingly enough, the 'Triple F Life' creator ended the beef in the same building it began in nearly two years ago.

In December 2011, the Brick Squad member had an interview at Shade 45, where he compared his hard-earned success to certain artists -- namely Wiz -- and his then-growing buzz.

“They ain’t got no swag. "They hype their way to the top. I ain’t even gonna lie. I really been booed a lot. I feel like they don’t respect nothing like the real,” he explained two years ago. “Wiz, Wiz.”

Shortly after, Snoop Dogg addressed the issue between the two young rappers, hoping to help them squash the beef, but Khalifa had no words for Waka.

About five months later, Waka was prodded by Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez about possibly collaborating with Wiz since he claimed the beef was "deaded" within their interview. The Atlanta rapper shot the idea down immediately saying, "Negative. Negative. That's like me... rapping about cookies and creams and lollipops. What you gon' call me? Nice guy or a sucka?"

"That's a nice guy... I got cousins who like his music," he continued. "That's it. We're two nice guys with good music."

Then the next month Waka told MTV POV that their initial problem was over an argument while smoking weed about who could manage their high better.

Maybe Waka will feel differently these days about teaming up on a track or two with the 'ONIFC' creator since he admits the beef was fake.

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