There's not too many R&B mixtapes hitting our desk so whenever one catches our ears, we have to bring it to your attention. Wax Poetics magazine has partnered with music blog DOPE to deliver the February edition of the 'DOPE Digital Cassette.'

The eight-song collection introduces several of New York's most talented up-and-coming singers -- many of whom you may have never heard before. If you're looking for some music to warm up your cold nights, then check out this mixtape.

Mixed by DJ crystalena, the digital cassette begins on a stellar note with Kiah Victoria's tender cover of Frank Ocean's 'Thinkin Bout You.' The songbird's angelic voice gently caresses each verse, which rests over a somber piano groove. It's a memorable rendition.

Another great song is the DJ Premier-remixed 'Concrete Waves' by Kendra Morris, another phenomenal songbird who should be on your musical radar.

R&B crooner Young Whisper brings a throwback vibe on the cautionary 'Girls,' in which he warns of scandalous vixens. He's followed by the oh-so-smooth vocalist Ro James with his sensuous ballad 'Neon.' Finally, the surf-guitar pop song 'Twisted Summer,' by the rock group White Gallery, is quirky and interesting.

The 'DOPE Digital cassette' is a great mixtape featuring emerging artists who will eventually become the superstars you rave about in the future.


Listen to 'DOPE Digital Cassette February 2013'Mixtape

'DOPE Digital Cassette February 2013' Track List:

1. 'Thinking of You (Frank Ocean Cover),' Kiah Victoria
2. 'Concrete Waves (DJ Premier 320 Remix),' Kendra Morris
3. 'Girls,' Young Whisper feat. HB Wellington
4. 'Neon,' Ro James
5. 'Baii Fwah,' Kevin Madison
6. 'Treasure,' Alex Ramone
7. 'High,' Saidah Baba Talibah
8. 'Twisted Summer (DEMO),' White Gallery

Watch Kiah Victoria's 'Rooftop' Video