Tyga teams up with Rick Ross for 'Dope,' an interesting flip of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's 1992 classic song 'Deep Cover.'

Not as haunting as Dre and Snoop's version, 'Dope' is a stripped-down rendition for the clubs with its synth farts, finger snaps and a simple 808 back-beat. Lyrically, there's no comparison to the original, as Tyga and Rozay spit some braggadocio rhymes on the track.

"T-Raw rock my own kick game / Eight-figure deal / Figure how I'm courtside at Clip[pers] game / Still cop ace king s--- I'm with Rozay / Black Maybach, leather gloves on that OJ," raps Tyga at the beginning of the song.

Ross follows with a flossy verse of why he's the bawse in the rap game. "H on the buckle / Hermes of the hustle / Crown on the watch young n---- still thuggin' / 8.7 on the crib so f--- it / Went gold in a month so it ain't no budget," he raps.

According to reports, the song will appear on Tyga's third album, 'Hotel California,' which is due tentatively in March. The Compton rapper says the music on the collection won't stray too far from his previous album, 'Careless World: Rise of the Last King.' "I'm comfortable. I've built my own sound, but I'm not going to drift away from that sound too much," he says.

Listen to Tyga's 'Dope' Feat. Rick Ross