From Akon and M.I.A. to Ja Rule and Snoop Dogg, there are many artists that run into visa issues when they play outside their home countries. U.K. rapper Tricky is the latest to deal with this problem.

His visa to perform in the U.S. has been delayed and as a result, the rhymer must cancel certain dates on his upcoming American tour.

"The most upsetting thing about this, whatever happens it seems like it's me letting people down. Other people have always dealt with visas for me and it turns out that they have not advised me properly," he said in a statement. "Now I have been advised that this was going to be straightforward and easily done in time for this tour and now this has happened."

The 'False Idols' artist has a number of juvenile offenses including "joyriding" and "forgery of the crown." The U.S. government must have full disclosure before granting a visa to perform in the States. Since U.K. authorities have been unable to provide all of the information to the American authorities, he is unable to enter the U.S. in time for his performances.

Luckily for fans in San Francisco; Los Angeles; Asheville, N.C.; and New York, he will be able to perform at those set dates, which begin Oct. 19 at the Treasure Island Music Festival.