Travi$ Scott gives us a taste of what he is able to do with his debut EP, 'Owl Pharoaoh.' As one of XXL’s 2013 Freshman, the Grand Hustle signee has no shortage of big names on the project as he works with some of the biggest artists in hip-hop.

With appearances from T.I., 2 Chainz, James Fauntleroy and Meek Mill, among others, this effort does not disappoint, especially if you're looking for a different sound in the current hip-hop landscape.

‘Bad Mood S--- on You’ is a track that immediately stands out from the mixtape, as it sounds like a hybrid of an 808’s version of something by Kanye West or Kid Cudi. With lyrics such as “I never feel the pain, only god can make it rain” Scott's darkness is felt as the track ends with deep drum patterns symbolizing thunder.

The next track, 'Upper Echelon,' which is the first single of the effort, features both T.I. and 2 Chainz. It’s definitely a high-energy song to be played at very high volumes as the weather warms up. Unfortunately, the track is a little under 3 minutes, which makes listeners feel a bit cheated as it procedes to go into the next track, 'Chaz Interlude.'

'Chaz Interlude' makes one think songs got mixed up. Scott seems to want to show off his skills as a producer, with a change of pace here. With a quick look back at the iTunes library, listeners will want to be sure their still listening to the same project.

'Hell of a Night' is a standout track. It;s obvious Scott was influenced by working with Kanye West in the past as he begins by using Auto-Tune to sing, “A first kiss in the living room, that’s a hell of a way to end the night.” The change in the beat in the middle of the song is surprising.

This EP is filled with standout beats, '80s synths and thumping 808’s. With songs like 'Drive,' 'Dance on the Moon' and 'Naked,' Scott is bringing some refreshing material to the current state of hip hop.

Meek Mill helps end the EP on a high note with 'Bandz.' This song could be a small hit in the streets, with Travi$ Scott’s flow combined with and Meek's energetic lyrics.

Overall, this project is worth a listen for those not familiar with Travi$ Scott. His eclectic feel is felt throughout 'Owl Pharaoh' as well as influences coming from West, Kid Cudi and a bit of B.o.B. This is a big first step for an artist with great potential.



Listen to Travi$ Scott's 'Owl Pharaoh'