On Feb. 11, 2012, the music world lost Whitney Houston, who passed away in her hotel room from a cardiac arrest as a result of long-term cocaine usage and heart disease. A year has gone past and it feels unreal that the greatest voice in music is no longer with us. In memory of the late pop icon, we collected 10 of her best duets.

Houston's death was tragic, yet her musical legacy continues to thrive in our hearts. So check out TheDrop.Fm's Top 10 Whitney Houston Duets and hear why she's one of the most-beloved singers of all time.

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    'My Love' Feat. Bobby Brown

    'Just Whitney'

    Not everybody was happy when Houston got married to R&B bad boy Bobby Brown in 1992. At the time, critics predicted their marriage wouldn't last. Technically, it lasted for 15 years with the couple divorcing in 2007. Nevertheless, Nippy and Bobby celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2002, with a song called 'My Love.' Over a melodic acoustic guitar, Houston and Bobby shared their love and devotion for each other while laughing at the naysayers. "My love is deeper than the sea / It's sweeter than any melody," the couple sings on the chorus.

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    'Count on Me' Feat. CeCe Winans

    'Waiting to Exhale' (Soundtrack)

    CeCe Winans was Houston's best friend and the godmother of her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. Together, their voices were peerless on the soaring ballad 'Count on Me.' Obviously, from the title of the song, it was an ode to their enduring friendship. The single reached the top 10 of the Billboard R&B Songs chart and was nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals at the 1994 Grammy Awards, though it did not win.

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    'If I Told You That' Feat. George Michael

    'My Love Is Your Love'

    At No. 8, is this uptempo jam called 'If I Told You That.' The energetic dance song features George Michael and Houston singing in perfect harmony. In the video, Nippy and George display a faux sexual tension, but it's fun nevertheless. Fact: The song was originally set to be a duet between Houston and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. May they both rest in eternal peace.

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    'We Didn't Know' Feat. Stevie Wonder

    'I'm Your Baby Tonight'

    Houston grabbed her idol Stevie Wonder for this mid-tempo ballad about a platonic friendship that develops into romance. Some have wondered if the song was an early hint about her then-budding relationship with Bobby Brown. Nevertheless, it's a fantastic duet, which peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard R&B Songs chart. Shockingly, no video was ever made for this song. What's up with that?

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    'I Know Him So Well' Feat. Cissy Houston


    You might not know this but the song is actually from the 1984 London musical 'Chess.' It's a bittersweet love ballad about two women in love with the same man. Whitney and her mother, Cissy display their powerful voices on the song. It's clear on here where Nippy got her vocal chops from. Like mother, like daughter.

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    'Hold Me' Feat. Teddy Pendergrass

    'Whitney Houston'

    Coming in at No. 5 is Houston's debut single from her 1985 self-titled album. It's one of Nippy's most cherish love songs featuring the late singer Teddy Pendergrass. On the beautiful ballad, the duo sings about two star-crossed lovers reuniting for the first time with a warm embrace. Houston might have been the R&B newcomer on here, but she clearly outshines the veteran crooner on this classic song.

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    'Heartbreak Hotel' Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price

    'My Love Is Your Love'

    Getting three powerhouse divas to sing on one track seems impossible nowadays but, in 1998, this soulful trifecta teamed up for the emotional ballad, 'Heartbreak Hotel.' Nippy, Faith Evans and Kelly Price wore their emotions on their sleeves as they sing about misfortunes in love. For their stellar work, the trio received two nominations at the 2000 Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance by a Group or Duo. Sadly, they came up empty. What a heartbreak.

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    'Celebrate' Feat. Jordin Sparks

    'Sparkle' (Soundtrack)

    'Celebrate' was the last song Houston recorded before her death in February 2012. Written and produced by R. Kelly, the song offered a glimmer of hope that Nippy would get back into the studio to record a full-length album. Jordin Sparks holds her own next to the veteran songbird on this optimistic jam about enjoying life to the fullest. The accompanying video is a sentimental yet jubilant tribute to the late pop icon.

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    'I Look to You' Feat. R. Kelly

    'I Look to You'

    This R. Kelly-penned song was originally released in 2009, and became Houston's 30th top 20 hit. After her death, Kelly discovered a previously unreleased verse and chorus by the late singer. So he decided to combine her vocals with his rendition that he sung at Houston's funeral to create a brand new track. It's truly an inspiring song and a great vocal performance from both Houston and Kells.

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    'When You Believe' Feat. Mariah Carey

    'Prince of Egypt' (Soundtrack)

    Finally, at No. 1, is Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's Oscar-winning duet 'When You Believe,' from the animated film 'Prince of Egypt.' Many fans were shocked that Nippy and Mimi would appear on a song together since it's long been rumored that they despised each other. But Houston insisted that she and Carey were good friends. "I enjoyed working with her very much," she told Ebony magazine in 1998. "It's good to know that two ladies of soul can still be friends. She's a smart lady. I really like Mariah."