Tito Lopez wants people to know that 2013 is his year with his latest mixtape, ‘Y.O.U.’

Standing for ‘Year of the Underdog,’ the Mississippi rapper is taking a stand with the project. "You are the underdog, unless your name is Jay-Z or Lil Wayne or Eminem or something like that you're really not a favorite out here,” he tells MTV.

He starts off the project with the impressive ‘Black Dude Spanish Name.’ The track gives you a reintroduction to the emcee, in case you haven’t heard his name before.

Lopez follows up the exciting first track with ‘What About Me,’ a track where he questions himself and his place in the rap game. “A whole lot of real music being made in places that don't get no light. So what about me? What about the real? What about the underdog?” he says of the song.

‘Bobbejonsun’ continues that theme, paying homage to the real while calling out the fake rappers he vows he won’t become. The one line that stands out in this track is, “You rapper n----s are all the same, you act like you care about our pain / But that’s to get you a name, then you turn your back.”

His flow definitely stands out throughout this entire project. Tracks like ‘N----s Bleed,’ ‘Take a Trip,’ and ‘Diamonds & Whips’ really give a good look into his storytelling skills while getting some insight into life in the streets of Mississippi.

The variety of beats and intensity really help guide you through this project as well. Songs such as ‘The Horns,’ ‘Back and Forth’ and ‘Re-Lax’ bring that perfect vibe to just sit back and enjoy the music.

Overall, ‘Y.O.U.’ is a good listen for anyone looking for that true hip-hop sound. Since Lopez is from Mississippi, more of that southern flavor should have been added to his music, which sounds very New York-centric. Other than that, his flow and beats keep you engaged as he gives you a future success story as the underdog.

Listen to Tito Lopez's 'Y.O.U.' Mixtape